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VISION (Creating a clear vision for your business; All business professionals have a mission statement and a business plan. Do you?)

IDENTITY (Defining who you are as a professional; Developing the mindset of a business professional; What you think about all day long, you become.)

WEALTH (Eric will explain how we sabotage our opportunity to make money as sales professionals; Eric will teach you how to create a financial plan that will inspire you to create more income.)

FOCUS (The Law of Attraction: What you focus on expands Are you focusing on the opportunities or the challenges? If you believe the market is bad, it is . . . for you!)

TIME MANAGEMENT (Eric will show you how to build your business by doing the two things that make you money and doing them all day long; Don’t fall into the ‘time traps.’ Don’t mistake movement for achievement!)

PROSPECTING (The number one reason for failure in sales is lack of prospecting; Learn what prevents us from prospecting. Eric will show you how to build a business plan focusing on generating new business and how to overcome the objections that keep us from making the calls.)

OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS (Don’t rely on scripts! Stop talking yourself out of sales! Learn how to control the sales conversation and make this game much easier! Start making money!)

CLOSING (Never defend your price! Eric will show you how YOU create price as an objection. Stop being an ‘Unpaid Consultant’!)


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